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Life is so simple...

Life is so simple…


Darryl has applied his in-depth experience in the field of applied consumer neuroscience and behavioral theory to the marketing, advertising and communication strategies of his clients with measurable results. The range of what he delivers to his clients includes;

  • Creating the right message to the targeted customer in the specific socio-economic conditions (e.g. Crisis periods)
  • Guiding the client to understand the dynamic relationship between the consumer’s consciousness, decision making and the product
  • Relating how the brain works for delivering more impact in marketing, messaging and graphic design
  • Measuring audience emotional engagement
  • Introducing new methods of consumer response measurement including biometrics, eye-tracking and EEG


Darryl’s Approach to Solving Multi-Dimensional Problems:

Innovation is not done with the common or new, it is done on the frontiers, the exciting leading edge – that edge of which the boundaries and imagination are stretched, where we find out new things, make real discoveries and breakthroughs. The next wave of market research is where Darryl focuses his research and evaluation.

Darryl guides his clients to the edge of what they know, or what they think they know, and then, using those new insights, enables them to connect the dots for their strategy. He is comfortable with ambiguity in the marketplace. His curiosity has led him to understandings in human consciousness, the brain and how generational groupings think, feel and act in the ever changing economy.

His skill empowers him to synthesize many disciples together and then apply leading edge methodologies and technologies in formulating a marketing and communication plan for his clients.

The Harvard Business Review stated;

“true innovation and strategic value are going to be found more and more in the ‘synthesizers’ – the people who draw together stuff from multiple fields and use that to create an understanding of what the company should do.” the Harvard Business Review stated.


Using New Methodologies and Technologies to Solve Today’s Problems Today, Not Tomorrow.

Over the last few years marketing has experienced a paradigm shift. Currently, methods are changing at a phenomenally accelerated pace and are quickly replacing old methods.

When Darryl began introducing his innovative research methodologies to clients back in 2004, these solutions were considered ahead of their time. Now just a few years later, these same techniques are mainstream and being utilized by major companies around the world. Most importantly, those companies have found the new methods produce results. Increased revenue and profitability, greater market share, quicker time to introduce a new product from design to launch; these are the outcomes by which companies today measure results.

Darryl Brings New Methods Into Your Experiential Reality – to Deliver Results

Emotional stories are currently having the greatest impact in advertising. Understanding this ahead of time, Darryl began advising his clients to use stories with “high emotion and a touch of real” to communicate their brand. For one TV network it paid off. Their ratings showed huge increases in a matter of months.

In the movie business, seven of the films on which he worked and applied his market research skills for Grizzly Adams® Productions have won a total of 77 national and international independent film awards.

In another example, one advertising agency he was brought in by was urgently trying to find methods that were “outside the box” to implement before they lost their largest account. Darryl and his team combined four areas of expertise and made recommendations. After figuring out how to explain these new, leading edge methods to the client, tests were done and a full roll-out of the program was undertaken. The ad agency’s contract was not only renewed but also expanded, spelling success for all.

Darryl’s expertise has been sought out in the areas of advertising, rebranding, movies, television, mail, product packaging, along with TV and radio networks, politic campaign strategy and general communications. His work has been written about in many publications and he has been a guest lecturer, trainer and featured speaker both in the U.S. and abroad.

Three words…

Once, someone Darryl worked with for many years called and said three words he had said made his program a success. “You said avoid these three words in one of our conversations. You might have thought I wasn’t listening, …but I was taking notes. We hung up those three words to avoid around our office as a reminder. Our program was a success and I just had to call and let you know. Your three words made the difference”

Darryl looks for opportunities to be of service to others by applying his expertise and exploring just over the edge of the horizon to see what possibilities are there…to solve today’s challenges in the marketplace.

Call me and let’s find out your three words…