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This is more than a great ad, it is heart.


In a crisis, we talk to the heart, not the brain.

This is so good I had to devote a few lines to it.


As reported in AdAge today, July 2, 2013in this article: Chevy Plucks Heartstrings With Silverado Marketing Blitz


Silverado Strong Commercial Chevrolet



“It’s not quite ‘Like a rock,’ but Chevrolet is bringing back similar emotional imagery in an evocative new campaign for its Silverado.

To introduce the marque’s first new model since 2006, the company will once again play on traditional American values of self-reliance, family, community, hard work and dependability with a push that breaks — fittingly — on July 4.

Look at what the VP of Chevrolet marketing is saying:

“Chris Perry, U.S. VP-Chevrolet marketing, said that the goal for the campaign, which the company described as its largest in years, aims to let Chevy to take ‘back the soulfulness of the category.”

“If you think about trucks, that segment is one of the most steeped in values and imagery,” said Mr. Perry. Yet those bedrock American values “aren’t reflected in advertising now,” leaving an opening for the brand. “We want to reflect those customer values.”

Now think about the values they are portraying (we have said in a crisis such as this we return to values and classic virtues: Think words that communicate these – Considerate, Responsible, Reliable, Thoughtful, Dependable, Respectable, Honorable, Respectful, Loyal, Supportive, Protective, Sensible, Diplomatic, Polite.

Ad age goes on to say

“The spot features everyman archetypes and is set to an original song, ‘Strong,’ written for Chevrolet by Nashville-born Grammy-nominated musician Will Hoge. The anthem includes lyrics about an American man who gets to work on time, has loved one woman for all his life, and is someone who can be trusted. “Everybody knows he ain’t just tough, he’s strong,” Mr. Hoge sings. The company’s new tagline, “Find new roads,” appears in the spot as well.

[…]”We want people to touch, feel and experience this new Silverado,” said Mr. Perry.

Well, I can tell you this, my wife said I want one after seeing the commercial – that is a good sign Mr. Perry…and my hat goes of to the team that made my wife want one…

Here is the extended version of the ad for those of you who, like me, can’t get enough of this one…


Silverado Strong Extended Commercial Chevrolet



…And here is the music video


Silverado Will Hoge Strong Music Video Chevrolet



So the only question I have for my wife is: What color do you want honey?